Virtual Wedding Showcase 

I love the wedding industry and I have gotten the chance to model in bridal magazines and for wedding expos. I wanted to share with my followers some awesome wedding resources. Six years I got the chance to follow a wedding planner around and learn a lot! I have been so excited to share all of the information on the wedding industry!

Consider this your virtual wedding show! The best part? You can browse or even shop from your seat and not your feet. Enjoy!

Healthy, Green Cookware: No PFOA, No Leaching
Group hotel rates for your Wedding guests.

Flowers Fast - The Popular Online Florist


Free Shipping for 12 Bottles or more at Martha Stewart Wine Co.

Save on Wedding Favors @
Rent Wedding and Event Lighting
Blooms By The Box

Message In A Bottle Invitations
Complete Tuxedo Packages Starting at just $129.95 at

Save the dates & Invitations

Bridal Shower Favors

Design your wedding gown

Flower Girl Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses

Try before you buy bridesmaids dresses

Custom Wine Labels


Jewelry & Accessories

Paparazzi Accessories has $5 nickel and lead free jewelry and accessories. Many of the items are often used by brides for their jewelry on their big day, gifts, favors or the bridal party of course! You can not beat the prices and it is perfect for those with sensitive skin; being that everything is free of nickel and lead. Shipping is a low flat rate of $5.99 and often there are special deals like free shipping over $100. There is no better deal on jewelry since some of the pieces I have had last years and years! The company has new items released weekly on average. This company can save you tons on bridal party jewelry and accessories for your big day!

Wedding Favors & Gifts



Name Change Kit 

Invitations in a bottle/Messages in a bottle


Monat is an anti-aging naturally based hair care line. Give this product 90 days to see results but you will be so glad you gave it a try. Wanting beautiful locks before the big day? I love this company and am very passionate about it. I recommend getting on a system a few months before your wedding day to help your confidence. It has sure helped mine a lot. I was using products that were only damaging to my hair and I have yet to find something as safe as this. Monat is also highly concentrated and one bottle of shampoo has lasted me months! All of the hair systems help with hair growth but the company also has items such as serums to help lashes grow,a mens line, styling gel and hair spray. Everyone is already using shampoo and conditioner or washing their hair; so why not use what many hair stylists swear by these days? I have personally been using this product since February of this year and I am very impressed with the results. Warning: You will not be able to stop running your fingers through your hair. My favorite product is from the balance system; the leave in conditioner smells incredible! I even use the juniors line on my little one after hearing so many disturbing stories of harmful chemicals in other baby shampoos. The detangler works amazing on my littles ones naturally curly hair. This product has been clinically tested for years before being put on the market. It works amazing for all hair types; including my own which is super thick!

Bedroom Products (Must be over age 18) 

Wedding Planning App

Thinking about a change? Try it on first at!

Eco Chic Real Wood Wedding Suites by Night Owl Paper Goods
Diamond Jewelry-Easy Monthly Payments-No Credit Check
Bulk Wholesale Fresh Flowers forWeddings and Events

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Inexpensive Activities to do with children (No electronics required)

Are you wanting to get out the children out of the house and wear those toddlers out? Put the electronics down; this list will give you plenty of ideas to get your children out and about for the day!

  • Zoo Trip – You may even want to bring a sack lunch if your local zoo allows it to save money on concession stands. At my local zoo; some certain days like holidays or the first Mondays in the Summer are free of charge. I like subscribing to my local zoo’s newsletters so I can keep up with everything offered or updates to the zoo. 
  • Bowling – Usually bowling alleys have special rates on certain days so call your local bowling alley to see if there are any fun things for children as well.
  • Skating rink – No matter how old my friends and I get; skating never gets old! It can be fun for all ages. You may even enjoy ice skating better if you have an ice skating rink in your area.
  • Visit the lake, beach or water park – My little one loves anything to do with a pool. If the weather is not so great; I know of other moms who have deals with local hotels to use their pool. I thought that was a great idea; some hotels allow others in the community to pay a monthly fee to use the swimming pool. I never would have thought! I learned from another mother while vacationing and visiting my hotels indoor pool. 
  • Amusement Parks – Our local amusement park has coupons always at local gas stations. Sometimes they even have celebrity concerts or sports events.
  • Planetariums, Aquariums and Gardens 
  • Arts & Crafts – If you do not have a local business that allows children to explore their artistic sides; keep art supplies at home and pull out the finger paints and scrap booking kits! My mom and I actually stock up on scrap booking supplies anytime we see them on sale. Plus; memories seem so much more special to me once I use the photos in a creative scrapbook. Depending on your children’s ages; there are tons of crafts to find. Use pinterest to feel inspired!
  • Cooking together – When was the last time your family cooked and baked together? Not only are you teaching your children how to make certain recipes and meals; you are spending quality time together.
  • Library – As a child I loved an old-fashioned book and trip to the library. My little one can not read yet but often times; libraries have free or low-cost programs and activities for children; especially once they are elementary school. My library offers free programs for babies and toddlers; it is a great way to introduce them to books and new friends as well. After we leave classes; we love to stop and read a book or a few at the library before heading home.
  • Volunteering – Why not check out local non-profit organizations who could use some volunteers? Shelters, animal rescue centers,hospitals and infant crisis centers are a great place to call and see how you can help out. My favorite organizations to help out with are local animal shelters. Warning: You may end up adopting all of the cute puppies.
  • Go for a workout together- You can pull out the stroller  or wagon if you have small children; otherwise some teens may prefer jogging or fitness centers. It also shows children you care about health. It may even boost your mood! I am not so much into running or jogging but I have found many places that offer fun classes such as “mommy and baby style” yoga classes or infant and parent swim classes. Those were a lot of fun to me. Most areas do have stroller fitness classes as well if your baby or toddler does well in a stroller. Negative here; so I have yet to try those. Most do allow you to try one class free to see if it is a good fit for you.
  • Museums – Some of my favorite museums are science and natural history museums. Majority I visit are very reasonable in cost and most of the time babies are free.Certain days are free for mothers such as Mother’s Day I notice just from following so many museums on social media . I also subscribe to my favorite museum’s newsletters to stay updated on fun events they may offer in the future for families and children.
  • Board Games or a Bingo Night  You can even keep dollar store gifts in a treasure chest for prizes!
  • Karoke Night – This can be at your own home; you can even pull out that disco ball!
  • Camping or visiting a cabin
  • National Parks – when we visited Yellowstone National Park; there was so much to see!

    Hot Springs at Yellowstone National Park – August 2017
  • Fishing
  • Have a Dance party at home. You can even make it even more fun by playing dress-up before! Costume parties may end up being a big hit in your home!

Have fun!



My Favorite (FRUGAL) Online Shops

    I wanted to let my followers in on my favorite frugal online shops! Not only do these companies have good prices; I have become a regular customer due to perhaps great customer service or deals offered for repeat purchases. Check them out!

Paparazzi Accessories

When I said frugal; I meant it! At Paparazzi Accessories; everything is really only $5!!! That is not it…everything’s also nickel and lead free! I am shocked by the new inventory weekly; it is so trendy and does not look inexpensive. There are pieces for everyone! I love using these accessories as stocking stuffers and with gifts I give throughout the year. The necklaces all come with matching earrings for only $5 for both! Such a steal!!!

Fairy Season 

I will be honest. I was skeptical with Fairy Season; but by my second order….I was hooked. The shirts are fun and the products are not too pricey.

My LaLa Leggings

    There is always FREE shipping at My LaLa Leggings. Being a stay at home mom; I live in leggings so these are super cute, fun and good quality.  The prices are better than other brands with the same quality as I was buying before. If you love buttery-soft leggings; this company is for you! New prints of leggings are constantly being released.


    Monat has anti-aging and naturally-based hair care. These products are so much safer than brands I had used in the past. Each system also helps with hair growth. I also love their juniors line for my little one.

Fibi & Clo

 Fibi & Clo is a unique line of shoes I discovered. I  have several pair and I love them! They are stylist and after several wears; they form to your feet. I used to just buy a new pair of sandals each Summer; not anymore. These are great quality and last. The company even offers a stone-replace if you lose a stone in any of the stylist blinged-out sandals. Children’s Shoes, wedges and boots will be available….some lucky agents for the company got a sneak peak in June! Soon the company will offer items like sunglasses and handbags I heard. I can not wait for that!

Travel Diaries: Discovery Children’s Museum – Las Vegas,Nevada 

Our family visited Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas earlier this month. We parked in the parking connected to the museum and the front desk attendant at the museum informed us parking is always free for museum guests. Everyone seemed kind at the front desk. There was also plenty of parking in front of the museum in a parking lot. In the entrance was also a rack with local publications for parents to find other fun activities in the local area.

For my little one alone it was $12 alone so this was probably the priciest museum I have visited or that have charged for a child under 2 years of age. We expected prices to be a tad pricier in Las Vegas anyhow so I was not surprised. I enjoy getting out and I like being able to watch my child play and be around other children.

There were three stories of this museum; including a gift shop and snack area with about four vending machines on the first floor. There was about four tables in the snack room;as well as a sink which is great for small children learning to wash their hands before meals. I thought the snack room was a cute idea since food and drinks were not allowed unless it was in the snack area.

The museum had a toddler area,a water play area,art areas,make believe areas and a dress up area to name a few. A big hit seemed to be the pretend bank. There was a long line for the pretend ATM. The staff members seemed to be a younger group and the museum offers activities that went on while we were there;on the third floor.

While we visited;a few activities were announced on the loud speaker such as art activities on the third floor. I also noticed they advertised a birthday party option and had a summer program. This would be a fun place to visit again when I get to take a trip to Las Vegas with my family.

At this museum; you are given a stamp on your hand just in case you need to leave out and come back in. This was great for me since I work from home and ended up getting s phone call and needing to step outside. I also forgot something in the car so I liked the convenience of being able to get back in and without a fuss.

Overall we enjoyed this museum and had no complaints! My little one sure had a wonderful time!

 Hotel Review: Sleep Inn – Billings,Montana 

    If you are looking for a less expensive hotel while traveling in Billings,Montana consider Sleep Inn.     The staff was courteous,they offer a rewards program through Choice hotels and they had complementary breakfast. 

    Although there was no pool or hot tub; I did see a small fitness room. This is perfect for when you are just staying to get some rest and not planning to be there too long. 

  Driving through Montana to get to a work convention; this was a good fit. I only stayed to catch some rest and left before nine the following morning. So even if there were amenities I was in too much of a hurry to check them out. When we are staying a few days; I only book hotels with a pool for my little one and a hot tub for me to try. 

    The rooms were small and decent; there was only a walk in shower. It was smile but I am not too picky on looks if I’m spending less; as long as the room is clean. It seemed clean and I had no complaints. 

    I admit I was skeptical since I can not recall if I ever stayed at a Sleep Inn location but the hotel did not look old or dirty outside and there was free parking and restaurants close by. 

As seen on Shark Tank

    I enjoy watching the television show Shark Tank. When I learned about this company while watching one evening; I  had to find out how I could be apart! I wear eyeglasses and I love their amazing charitable work of the “Buy a pair,give a pair” program they have. I will be purchasing all of my eyeglasses through this company; Warby Parker for now on. The concept is terrific and I could not wait to share it with my followers. For every pair of glasses they sell; they donate a pair to a person in need. So why not? Sounds like a wonderful idea to me. I pay so much at the eye doctors office when I visit; I really like the idea of also helping someone else at the same time now.

Warby Parker Buy a Pair and Give a Pair

Learn more on their website HERE