Hotel Review: Sleep Inn – Billings,Montana 

    If you are looking for a less expensive hotel while traveling in Billings,Montana consider Sleep Inn.     The staff was courteous,they offer a rewards program through Choice hotels and they had complementary breakfast. 

    Although there was no pool or hot tub; I did see a small fitness room. This is perfect for when you are just staying to get some rest and not planning to be there too long. 

  Driving through Montana to get to a work convention; this was a good fit. I only stayed to catch some rest and left before nine the following morning. So even if there were amenities I was in too much of a hurry to check them out. When we are staying a few days; I only book hotels with a pool for my little one and a hot tub for me to try. 

    The rooms were small and decent; there was only a walk in shower. It was smile but I am not too picky on looks if I’m spending less; as long as the room is clean. It seemed clean and I had no complaints. 

    I admit I was skeptical since I can not recall if I ever stayed at a Sleep Inn location but the hotel did not look old or dirty outside and there was free parking and restaurants close by. 


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