As seen on Shark Tank

    I enjoy watching the television show Shark Tank. When I learned about this company while watching one evening; I  had to find out how I could be apart! I wear eyeglasses and I love their amazing charitable work of the “Buy a pair,give a pair” program they have. I will be purchasing all of my eyeglasses through this company; Warby Parker for now on. The concept is terrific and I could not wait to share it with my followers. For every pair of glasses they sell; they donate a pair to a person in need. So why not? Sounds like a wonderful idea to me. I pay so much at the eye doctors office when I visit; I really like the idea of also helping someone else at the same time now.

Warby Parker Buy a Pair and Give a Pair

Learn more on their website HERE



One thought on “As seen on Shark Tank

  1. I’m wearing Warby Parker sunglasses right now! Best pair I’ve ever owned. I think their one and only storefront is in West Hollywood, CA in the lobby of The Standard hotel (which is where I purchased mine).


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