Lularoe Haul

    What is the hype with Lularoe? I had no idea and was excited to find out! To end my curiosity I finally purchased some leggings and other items such as the ‘Julia’ style to support fellow friends and business owners. The clothing was versatile for travel I felt and so comfortable! 

    I admit; after each purchase I would feel like a complete fool for spending so much on items that probably were just as good of quality as the other places I shop. I have even seen lularoe items in resale shops and consignment stores. Plus there are so many other companies with cheaper pricing for just as great of quality; if not better I figured. Overall I loved the pieces and wear them a ton! 

    A few weeks later; I was browsing on facebook and seen a group with many consultants from Lularoe going out of business. I was ecstatic; I love supporting small businesses but I also enjoy a good deal so this was perfect for me. I was able to get many great pieces at a huge discount. Let’s just say I stocked up nicely. I also like how some of the pieces do not wrinkle easily. 

    If you enjoy lularoe check out similar companies such as my Amelia James, Nyla and noelle, honey and lace and Agnes and Dora. 


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