Why I choose The Honest company 

  I am always still shocked that some people I know have not tried these awesome products from the Honest company.I have several products from the Honest company and with no animal by-products and no animal testing; this company gets two thumbs up from me! 

    The Honest company delivers great products directly to my door step. I have been a customer for over a year and the customer service has always been great. Some people do not know the honest company has much more than diapers and baby wipes. I use the multi-surface cleaner, dryer cloths and dishwasher packs to name a few.

    With my diaper bundle I order; I enjoy the fact that now I can mix and match the adorable prints that I select in order. Holidays are never boring! We have previously selected candy cane print diapers for Christmas, Easter bunny diapers in time for Easter and many more fun prints! 

  I love that the honest company has a referral rewards program. I can offer my followers and fans a free trial of these amazing products! Get yours HERE 


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