How to buy jewelry wholesale

I have seriously hit the “jackpot” when it comes to finding affordable accessories and jewelry. I know many people have sensitive skin so other perk to this particular jewelry and accessories is that the items are all nickel and lead free. The biggest perk? The price. You will get each piece for $5 as a customer but you can choose to be able to buy the items at wholesale; making each piece only $2.75. If you purchase larger amounts; you can earn rebates in the form of a paycheck. How neat is that? The company is called Paparazzi Accessories.

The accessories and jewlery are trendy and fashionabale;some of the pieces I have had around 4 years so the quality great for the prices. I also like knowing I do not have lead and nickel in my accessories I choose for myself or as gifts for friends and family. The accessories make wonderful gifts, stocking stuffers around the holidays and last minute ideas for any occasion. There are even items men and children can wear and love.

If you choose to buy at wholesale; you must be over age 18. You will click a KIT to purchase that comes with the jewelry and accessories the company selects for you and business items such as shopping bags. You do not have to sell the products; you can just think of it as a COSTCO membership for accessories. You do not have to sell a certain amount or buy a certain amount each month. You do not have to pay for the website; which is free. You can sell your jewelry online if you choose without any website fees and profit 45% on each sale. You do not have to do parties or leave the house! If you do want to sell the items to make back your yearly investment to keep your account open to buy at wholesale; that is perfectly fine. If you do not want to sell; that is okay! Some consultants for the company earn six-figure incomes from the company; so if you do want to earn income with this business; you can. The company has plenty of free and ongoing training, resources and support.


    If you just love a great deal; you could just do the $99 kit and that comes with your free website to order from and to have if you have anyone who wants to shop from your website and jewelry. Plus you will get your 45% discount for any future orders for one year from your sign up date. You get rebates on larger orders; which is perfect for people who sell in boutiques,salons,expos,flea markets,music shows,festivals,home parties or vendor shows for example. You do not have to sell but if you choose to; you can sell how you want and where you choose;even if it is just online.There are larger kits to select from.


     Shipping is very reasonable and if your order is over $100; it ships free. Your order also ships free the month of your birthday. All other orders under $100 ship for just a flat rate of $5.95. Get started or learn more HERE





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