Make money cleaning out your closet

   I am totally loving this company I found online last year; thredUP. I have been selling clothing, handbags and shoes I never worn or hardly wore with thredUP. It is like having a yard sale or selling on ebay;but without the hassle. I used to sell on ebay and I did not like going to the post office almost daily, dealing with customers or having to pay shipping costs. With thredUP they seriously do the work for me! My only regret is not trying them sooner; but I was a bit sketpical at first.

    I had tried selling items I no longer use on local yard sales websites and pages. For one; it is not safe and it can be time consuming posting photos, arranging meet ups and dealing with flaky people, price hagglers or no-shows. After a few years of trying random ways to earn extra money with my designer, mall brand or trendy items; I finally gave thredUP a try. Now I have friends and family who enjoy this opportunity just as I do. 

    I am not saying you will make thousands of dollars but this is an easy way to make extra money from the comfort of your home. Just head over to the thredUP website; request a CLEAN OUT KIT and the company ships you are pre-paid postage shipping bag that is large. All you do is drop it off; you do not pay postage since the postage is already pre-paid when you recieve your clean out kit. Fill your clean out kit with gently worn or new items such as blouses, jeans, shoes and handbags. Think of it as an online consigment; you do not want to include dirty,stained or damaged pieces. Be selective of what you put in your bag. The items not selected can either be donated by thredUP or returned to you for a fee. You pay no money upfront. Fees are deducted from your earnings.

The communication with thredUP has always be phenomenal. As soon as I drop my clean out kit off to be shipped at my closest mail drop-off location; thredUP sends me an e-mail letting me know my clean out kit is “en route” to them. Once your clean out kit has been processed; thredUP notifies you by e-mail to let you know what you earned as well as payme to options. I love to shop so I clean out my closet usually each season; now I finally have found a company that pays me for items that could use a new home. When my little one outgrows his clothing and shoes; I love selling them on this website since they pay me more than other children resale shops in my area have. You can also shop on thredUP for great deals.


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