Travel Diaries: Peoria Playhouse

    We traveled through Peoria, Illinois so decided to stop at the children’s museum; peoria playhouse. The location was next to the Peoria zoo that we visited earlier this year and it was easy to find. The Peoria Playhouse looked just like an older larger home, or dollhouse. I thought it was incredibly cute. There was even a small playground outdoors. When we walked in; I felt the front desk staff could have been more helpful to first time guests but overall everyone seemed polite. 

    There was an area to hang coats and cubbies to put belongings while you look around and play. There were three levels of this “playhouse” and I thought it was a lot of fun. My little one really enjoyed the water on the basement level and it was his favorite part. There was enough for toddlers to do; which was my main concern. There was a room with activities with balls and my little one enjoyed that as well.

   I did not notice a concession stand or snack bar; so eat before you arrive. The parking seemed plentiful and admission was not too pricey I felt. There was an area with trucks, a pretend movie theater admissions booth, and a reading area. My favorite part was the kitchen area, there were plenty of cute toys. The magnetic sand area would also be a lot of fun for older children.

The gift shop had plenty of educational toys which I loved; I would definitely visit this place again. This would be perfect if you lived local and could get passes to visit often. Besides, I think children learn best by playing. 


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