My hotel stay in North Dakota’s Capital: Holiday Inn

   My little family and I travel quite often and one of the cities we have visited a couple of times has been Bismarck, North Dakota. North Dakota’s capital city would possibly be a nice place to raise a family. I felt a “friendly” vibe in the city as well as the surrounding city; Mandan. I even made a few new friends!

    My recent trip to Bismarck was for a vendor show for an animal rescue fundraiser and I was promoting my accessories business.  A hotel I feel comfortable is a must-have so after reading a few reviews about various hotels in the area; I thought about staying at Holiday Inn.I do not recall staying at a Holiday Inn location ever before. Bismarck also had a Holiday Inn express when we visited; I am not familiar yet on the difference. 

    When we arrived; I liked that parking was free and right in front of the building. The hotel was also not far from plenty of shopping and food locations. The staff members also seemed pleasant. They asked about our stay as well after we checked in. Since this hotel has an indoor pool and hot tub; we used the area the two nights we visited. It was never overly crowded. 

    The hotel had a fitness center in which our key never worked for; and we never thought or cared to ask why. Apparently the fitness center is open twenty-four hours. Then again; when we went to our rooms two times during our stay; my boyfriend had to go back down to have the front desk emloyee get his room key to work. I am assuming it was a key issue; but the fitness center seemed clean from looking in from the window. 

    While reserving the room online; we requested a baby crib since it was an option on the reservation form. Sure enough; the crib was in the room awaiting us when we walked in our room for the first time. The room was clean and up to date on appliances and furniture it seemed. The walk in shower was one of my favorite parts of my stay. 

    I feel my main complaint would be there was no complementary breakfast. The price was around $9 if you chose to order breakfast however.I feel like for the price of booking at a room; the hotel could at least have something for the guests to make their stay even more enjoyable. We personally will not go back to hotels that do not offer complemtary light breakfasts at least. It is so much more conveient for us to grab a quick breakfast at the hotels we visit rather than doing an online search for a diner or so in an area we are not familiar with. Especially with an infant since we travel with our baby. Even smaller or less expensive hotels we have visited at least had a few breakfast options and it seemed as if people enjoyed it. I do not like to sound like we do not want to pay for breakfast but it is really because I do not like going out to eat if I do not have to when I am with my little one. I would rather order take out, room service or find the most conveient option to make my day easier.

    This location was decorated nice and had an area to purchase items such as snacks or items guests may have forgotten. The restaurant area looked clean and the hotel also has meeting rooms for those interested in conferences or larger group gatherings. Overall it was a good hotel to visit. 


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