Accessory Addict

I never wore accessories too often before I learned of the company; Paparazzi Accessories. Paparazzi Accessories has jewelry and accessories for only $5! The accessories are even nickel and lead free if you have sensitive skin. I love these accessories for gifts for any occasion, party favors when I throw events and to wear myself. I even wore the pieces in all of my latest photo sessions! The companies inventory changes often so there is no need for catalogs; you can shop directly online! Now I am a total Paparazzi Accessories addict. Whatever the occasion; Paparazzi Accessories has something great!


If I ever shopped at stores in the mall or with other companies; i’d feel a tad foolish paying overly priced prices to just end up losing the jewelry accidently or it breaking later. All of my Paparazzi Accessories are trendy, afforadable and have lasted me several years. I have been purchasing the accessories for almost four years. I love how the accessories are sold through independent consultants; so their inventories all vary when they are sold through home parties, expos and vendor shows. Since each consultant has a website; you can shop directly online and pay flat-rate shipping costs which is a plus. It is never fun to shop online and then get a large overly priced shipping fee. Paparazzi helps local business owners make income selling their products; so I feel awesome about that versus giving some large corporation that could care less about me more money. I know for a fact Paparazzi has changed many of their consultants lives for the better just by bringing them in extra income.





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