2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Discovery Toys are educational books, games and toys for all ages. Whether you have an infant or child in school; Discovery Toys makes learning and play fun! A friend mentioned to me that her son went from an F in math to an A in math in a short time from using some of Discovery Toys mathematics-related products! I thought that was incredible! My little one loves Discovery Toys and I enjoy playing them with him. I suggest finding toys from Discovery Toys that you would like to play with your children. There are games for the entire family to play together! Some of the games such as Family Talk are even great for couples’ engagement or anniversary gifts.Many of Discovery Toys products are bpa free and there are eco-friendly selections.


Scentsy has so much more than warmers and wax! Lotions and even laundry detergeant is availble. I have been loving my laundry smelling just like some of my favorite scents. The pricing is affordable and there are so many amazing fragrances, warmers and products.

Paparazzi has $5 accessories! Not only are the accessories trendy; they are affordable and free of nickel and lead. I love their hair accessories and rings the best! The selection is huge and changes weekly. With the price; you can really stock up on gifts for everyone in your family and friend circle.



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