How to sell your used items online…without the hassle!

I tried ebay and other local consignments shops and hated it. With eBay I had to take photos of each item, list all the materials, sizes and anwser questions from potential buyers. I also hated the way eBay would treat some of their hard-working sellers. The fees and shipping charges ate away at any profit I would make as well.  It became very time consuming and I was constantly at the post office. Thanks to that has changed for me. Now I can just request a bag, box or labels only from the company. then sends you pre-paid postage and shipping supplies like a big bag or box if you need it. I prefer the bags but if you have items like DVDS, books or toys then a box may be a better fit for you. When you fill up your bag or box; just drop it off at FedEx. Postage is already pre-paid so you just have to drop it off. Once recieves your items; they take professional photos of the items and you can set your own prices. They will even buy what does not sell! If items are not accepted; you can request them to be sent back to you or donated. I love this company and have had nothing but good experiences. One of my relative earns an average $80-$100 bi-weekly doing this and I have done decent myself. You can sell shoes, clothing, baby items and more! The company does not accept handbags at the time however. This is a great way to make extra money from home! I do not have to pay to ship items to each buyer or handle anything with buyers at all. I do not have to make constant trips to the post office or take photos of each item now. I am enjoying it! Get started HERE


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