Honest Company Review

The Honest Company has so many great organic, cruelty free and affordable products! Diapers, baby wipes, cosmetics, hand soap, cleaning products…there is so much! Since having my child, I was eager to find safe products free of the harmful chemicals. Honest is the perfect match for me. I love the fact the products are shipped directly to me, so no more worries about last minute trips to the store to get diapers or baby wipes. I even seen they have baby formula! I have only used the honest company shampoo and bath soap for my little one and I have never had an issue with the products irritating skin.

You can even mix and match prints or items and the company offer bundle packages at a discount to save you money. After learning about so many harsh and unsafe chemicals and most products people use; I am so thankful for companies who focus on making a difference and a healthier lifestyle and atmosphere for families. 

These diapers are adorable and I love trying their new prints often. My little ones Doctor even compliments him on his “nice diapers,” often as she calls them. You can try a trial of honest products HERE.


One thought on “Honest Company Review

  1. I have been trying to find proper products for my baby. We tried so many and I am fighting with eczema now. I have no idea what works anymore. She has sensitive skin. Wish I could try them but they can’t be found in the UK at the moment. Hopefully soon


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