Hello Fresh Review 

I received a coupon for Hello Fresh and decided to try it out. My boyfriend is a good cook…unlike me…so he prepared and cooked the first meal we tried from the company. The meal was tasty and took about thirty minutes from start to finish. We ordered the smaller package instead of the family size but I was still hungry after even though it says it is for two people. I am sure they provide healthy portion sizes and that is why. #foodie

After I ordered; I was able to select type of meals I wanted as well as levels. Levels help you decide if you prefer an easier recipe or a more challenging one if you are a “pro.” The selections were nice and the food arrived via two day mail from UPS. The food had huge blocks of frozen ice to keep the food cold and we received the fresh vegetables and condiments to prepare the three recipes for the week they sent with our package we selected. The ground beef was leaking bloody fluid but I just put it in my own zip lock bag after I received the box via mail. Everything was organized well in the box and packed nicely for the most part. We selected a burger,fish and chicken breast recipe for starters.

Most of the items were supplied but for the first recipe we decided to try; we did need to use our own butter so the company expects you to have the basic ingredients and that is fair. As I was watching my boyfriend prepare the meals; I thought “what a great date night this could be for couples; to cook together!” The company even offers vegan food options!

As I watched the recipe get prepared; I wanted to snap a few photos to show my followers as well as the outcome. Check it out!

And viola!

Want to try hello fresh? Save $40 on your first Box with my code B7TZU2 at https://www.hellofresh.com/?c=B7TZU2.


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  1. chamairis says:

    It looks delicious and healthy! I like how you capture each photos and sharing with us every details so we can make it ourselves easily. Thank you!


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