Buy, Sell or Trade or Swap

I am obsessed with a newer company; SWAP. You can buy, sell or trade clothing right from your doorstep! The prices are great and if you choose to consign with the company; you will set your own prices. To sell clothing and old baby gear my little one could no longer use; I was so tired of the yard sale pages on facebook. I did not feel safe meeting up with strangers; even in public places. I also felt it was more of a hassle wasting gas and meeting with people since some are not as honest or will be no-shows when you agree to meet. Thanks to; I have a safe and conveient way to clear out clutter in my home. Sure; you can donate items but Swap donates the items that do not sell or you can pay a small flat rate fee (It has always been under $5 for me) and have your item(s) returned that are not able to be sold or that do not sell. Swap also has a program in which they can buy your item(s) that do not sell.

I do have many items that Swap does not accept; but they still accept and get sold many items I had no luck selling to other local stores that do consignment or offer cash upfront for clothing and such. Swap does not accept handbags but they do accept plenty of other items in good, new or fair condition such as shoes, baby clothing, toys for children, men and women’s clothing, belts, scarves, winter wear and more. Make sure your items are clean, stain-free and freshly laundered. I seriously had clothes in my closet over a decade that I thought would not sell; and they did! To join swap; just go HERE 

What I like about swap is I do not have to ship items to people who purchase; the swap headquarters handles all of that. When you go to the website; you can click on send items to swap and you are then able to pick if you would prefer a bag with pre-paid label, a box with pre-paid label or to just print your own labels. I prefer the bag; I can still fit tons in it and it is easier to handle than boxes for me. With boxes; I did not feel like spending money on packing time to pack up boxes. The company will send you a pre-paid label and you then will drop off your box(es) or bag(s) to your closet FedEx for shipping. When swap recieves your items; you will get an e-mail notification. After that; it takes about two months for your items to be listed on the website. Why? Swap has to go through items they will and will not accept; then they will take professional photos and let you know via e-mail when you can price your items. I felt the process was simple if you are patient. Currently; you can send up to three bags or boxes per month. Happy consigning!



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