Work From Home Truths & Myths


I am a stay at home mom but I am also always working on small businesses I intend to grow into BIG businesses. Most of all; I did not want to miss out on any part of my child(ren) growing up. The thought of paying a daycare five days a week kind of terrifies me. Besides; who can love and take care of my child better than I can? That is the main reason I am working from home now.

I started working from home almost a decade ago. I would always find ways to make extra income such as babysitting,coaching and waiting tables but it was still hard to make ends meet. I call a JOB: just over broke and that is how I felt at the time. In no way am I bashing hard working people or those who do have jobs and go to their place of employment. I think it is great to have a job to get to a place in life you feel secure and happy; but I was not happy working regular jobs. I always have had a passion for modeling and art so I do focus a lot on that; more so in the past. I take time out to be a mother first now but I always felt it is important to also have other hobbies and goals. I am not wealthy and I have a lot of growth to do but I am still excited to accomplish goals and I feel I would probably be unhappier if I were not working from home; so it is not all about the money to me. It is freedom as well. No boss, no asking for vacation time off, no alarm clock waking me up…besides; I have a little one that is my boss it feels like! My little one is for sure my alarm clock as well. I want to put my family first. Not a job I dislike or that is not my passion.

I wanted to do this blog post to help others who are interested in possibly working from home. There are lots of scams and junk on the internet and I wanted to also help others not make the same mistakes I did in the past. Finding a work from home opportunity is not the easiest task; at least it was not for me. I strongly recommend always doing lots of research before you jump into any business or work at home gig. There are many people making millions from working from home, direct sales and owning their own business so keep in mind…however; working from home is not overnight success and riches. Owning a business or working from home can actually be way harder than having a regular job and as you read more; I will explain just why that is.

When you are searching for a legitimate and profitable opportunity; ask yourself why you want to work from home and write it down. You can also create a vision board to help you remember your goals as you start your work from home journey. This not only motivates you; but some studies have shown that making a vision board makes you more likely to achieve your goals. Why? You are seeing your vision daily; that is why it is encouraged to place your vision board in a visible place daily. Do not toss it in your junk drawer or closet. Place is on your desk, in your office or even your fridge. You can make a vision board by just printing or pasting photos on a poster board. Maybe your why is building your dream home or being able to afford gymnastics classes for your little ones. Whatever it is; have a goal and vision clear! Many people lose sight of their dreams by just not even trying to achieve them. I believe if you can dream it; then you can do it! Do not give up; many millionaries say it took them five to seven businesses to try to become successful finally. Practice makes perfect. Be sure to also research a companies reviews, how long they have been in business and if they are debt-free. I have joined companies that suddenly close thier doors after I worked hard to build a team and brand with them. Make sure if you join a company that they have good support and customer service.

It is all about passion when finding the perfect opportunity for you. Do not just start or join a business or company just because of what sounds fun at the time. Do you love cooking? Maybe find something in that area or field. Do you enjoy children or teaching? Maybe a tutoring business or coaching would be great for you! Think about what you loved as  teenager or child. Often as we get older; we forget hobbies we were so obsessed with back when we were younger. Find something you do not feel is work most of the time. As a child and teen I loved dance class, reading, music, sewing and helping others. Think about what you are or were passionate about and explore options that would be fun and enjoyable for you. Working from home is not all about money I feel; being happy and having freedom is another perk from owning your own business; as well as being your own boss. Plus; if you get bored or are unhappy; you can often give up easier or quit. I also encourage people to find something where they would most likely get repeat business. Example: If you sell cosmetics and someone likes it; they will possibly reorder!

Do not feel discouraged when those closest to you do not support your goals, new business ventures or dreams. You will certainly learn who really has your back and supports you when you develop great ideas or start wanting to be more successful. I can not tell you the times people were unsupportive, cruel or downright ignorant towards my goals. Now people are always asking me how they can work from home and frankly; I do not associate with negative people any longer. Do not be surprised when you even lose friends along the way. Sadly; not everyone wants others to succeed. Sure; they may purchase anything they see their favorite celebrity advertising; when they do not personally even know the celebrity. However; if someone they know or trust is starting a business; they would not help one bit. Those I call “dream stealers.” Be thankful for them; now you will know who really cares about you or who are your true friends. Many people will be skeptical; yet keep in mind they probably are never skeptical about eating fast food or the harmful chemicals in their everyday products they use. Ignorant people will always be there and sometimes when you are successful; you will have people who try super hard to crush your dreams, take credit for your accomplishments or try to make you fail. Never give up. Years down the road; those negative people will probably still be at the job they hate while you will be wiser, stronger and most likely more successful.Do not care what people think; their opinion of you is not your business. Others do not understand your journey and do not often know you that well to judge.

Plant seeds in your business. Just like the saying; Rome wasn’t built in a day….remember that. In a lot of businesses; it takes sixty to ninety days to even see results from marketing and advertising. You can not expect to give your business cards to a handful of people and become a millionaire. If having a successful business were that easy; everyone would be doing it. Owning a business is not easy and you have to put in effort constantly. I am not saying work so much you never have time for anything else; but try to put in effort five to six days a week when you are starting out for better results. I suggest having no less than four advertising outlets available. Maybe market at vendor shows, online, your local newspaper and via radio or media outlets you find. You can not expect to just be thriving with business if you are not marketing or promoting constantly. Tell everyone you meet about your business; be excited! Be patient and consistent. Do not give up if you hand out thousands of fliers and get no responses. Keep trying; or switch things up again until you find methods that seem to work best for you. So many people give up when things go wrong or when their business is not moving as fast as they would like. If you want to be a success or make a lot of money; you can not have a minimum wage work ethic.

Do not just chase after money. People hate the typical pushy sales people and I firmly believe that people can see through fake and people hate being sold. I feel like people buy from people they like. Therefore, focus on sharing your ideas, projects or business through building relationships with people before bringing up your business to them. I can not stand it when people who have not talked to me in years send me a spammy copy and pasted scripted message they’ve just spammed their facebook friends list with. Not only does it show me I am not human to them…just another dollar sign; it turns me off because it makes all of us people in sales look bad. Not all of us are here just pushing a product to make money. That does not often give people long-term business clients and I do not encourage anyone to just want to make a quick sale. You want repeat business and people who trust you. Maybe join the local gym or volunteer to start meeting people; when they ask you what you do…there is just a new connection. You can then hand them a card for example and you are more of a “share person” and not a sales person. When we love a new outfit or shopped at a store with a great sale going on; people will often mention where they got the product from without even realizing it. That is how I treat my business. Products I promote for example truly sell themself; I just use and wear the products so therefore people always ask ME about my own business before I mention it to them. Do not think just because you are in direct sales or working from home that you are now suddenly the annoying stalker consultant. I have had a few of those types of encounters and it is awful. I would be polite but the pushiness and talking to me like a fool was obnoxious to me and made me very uncomfortable. Then they would call constantly and I felt more like a dollar sign; not a person. I do not mind if the lady wanted to be friends, have a cocktail or even hang out….I love meeting new people! However; when someone is just calling nonstop to try to sell you; it gets old. Fast. Do not be that pushy sales person. I am not saying do not follow up with people interested in your services or who have for example requested information but not all consultants, reps and such do the phone stalking. In fact; I hate the telephone.

When you are searching for a business; jot down what your expenses would be. Many people who join direct sales companies for example do not realize after they purchase their starter kit; they will need to still invest money in the future. Of course you do not have to do it; but business probably would not go as well without business cards, more catalogs once you run out of the ones in your starter kit,possibly inventory if you do vendor shows and more. You can totally do direct sales “frugally” and on a budget…plus with the help of team groups and pinterest…there are so many options and ideas that are budget-friendly. Once you are in business for a while; you may notice you score more great deals. One example is the company I always order business cards from gives me better deals than their customers who they are not familiar with. If you really want a business; you will do what it takes to make it work. You can start off with just your starter kit and still be successful; many people do. You just would want more products as you run out,are using the products or if you do home parties for example. I try to stick to stricly online businesses only since I have never been a fan of home parties but since there are expenses be sure to research and compare them so you do not get in over your head. If you are joining a direct-sales company; ask them about the cost of catalogs, your website, the yearly annual fee, monthly and quartely quotas, bonuses you can earn, requirements to keep your team and downline pay…seriously! So many companies make it sound so cheap and great to join but once you join; you quickly learn the fees are not so cheap and there are hidden costs. Be sure to fully read and understand any contracts of course but sometimes people forget to ask both the company AND their upline sponsor in direct sales before joining. Why check with the company also? Sadly; some upline sponsors are not up to date on their own companies rules and regulations. Be sure to also ask about how shipping costs work and when the pay periods are. I preferred companies that paid me same day so I was not waiting around for a paycheck or at least weekly to help keep me motivated. I needed something that did not require home parties (I did not want to do a single one), website fees, inventory or for me to recruit. Speaking of same day pay; make sure the pay periods and company commission is something you are okay with. Companies that often offer larger commissions are usually charging their consultants in other areas. Then you have the companies that do not offer a large commission but the consultant did not do enough research to see there are companies offering the same amount of commission but better rewards, perks and bonuses you can earn.






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