My Nursery Must-Have items

Decorating my little one’s nursery was so much fun to me! Here are some of my nursery must-have items. These are not all of the items I keep in my nursery but I wanted to share my items I find myself using or needing daily or often. Let’s face it; some items like the pack and play, rock and play or pricier items…I hardly use or never use. Then there are my items I am constantly using and use more than I thought I would. I am excited to share them with everyone.

A Changing Table: I thought It was not necessary but I love it! Now I realize it adds a nice touch to the nursery, provides storage with its shelves and it makes getting my child dressed easier. Diapering is easier with a changing table for me also now that my little one can move around easily. I also keep lots of sheets for the changing table to add a nice pop of flair and color to the nursery.

A Crib: I decided to get a crib that changes into a toddler bed when your child is older. I chose a color not so traditional.

Bookshelves and books: My family loves to read and my little one has a large library collection already so sturdy shelves were a must needed item. We read to our little one often and as he gets older I want him to read to me or his father daily. Not only is reading bonding time; it helps your child’s vocabulary over time!

Toy Box: I love having a toy box to help clear clutter and keep toys off the floor. I suggest to other moms to get a small, light-weight one first so your child can easily reach inside once he or she becomes more independent. If it is light weight; no worries if it tips over when they start pulling up on things and walking around.

Scentsy: I love Scentsy’s newborn nursery scent,children-geared scents and products. The stuffed animals are called  buddies with Scentsy and you can add a scent pack of your choice in the stuffed animals.The scent pack is actually included with the buddies in the total price. SCORE! I like to keep the scentsy near the diaper pail and I even keep a scent pack in the diaper pail now. Scentsy is non-toxic and I love walking into the nursery and it smelling just like baby powder or a clean nursery fragrance. I find that to be relaxing as well. The Scentsy warmer also doubles as a night light for us.

Blankets Galore: My mom went way overboard I felt when I was pregnant; buying tons of blankets, receiving blankets and burp cloths. I thought it was a bit too much but we ended up using them nonstop, daily during the “fun” spit-up phase! Now I feel you can never have enough of the blankets of all types. I love the thin ones for my diaper bag and the warmer ones for nap times.

Play Time: I think children learn best by playing! I love having a play mat, jumper, bouncer, walker and swing. It seems most of the toys like this can not be used after your baby is over 25 pounds; but until then…they can be so helpful when you need to have free hands to do chores. These items occupy my little one at times when I need to do things such as laundry or dishes. For smaller toys and educational toys; I am in love with Discovery Toys. They have eco-friendly selections, educational books and games…and best of all most of the toys are “kid-powered” as they call it. That means many don’t require batteries! Children have to make them work.

Rocking Chair or Glider: It was so relaxing for me while pregnant and it is relaxing for my little one when he is ready to nap.

Those are just some of my favorite items to have in our nursery. Stay tuned on my blog for more posts!


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