My review of Remington Wide Ceramic Hair Straightner

I was searching for a great quality flat-iron so when I seen a cute pink one and for a great price; I figured why not try it? Besides; it was pink and being the total girly-girl I am; I had to have it! The wider plates than some flat-irons interested me as well since my hair is super thick…I figured it may speed up the process of straightening hair.
I tried the flat-iron and to my surprise it made my hair feel silky and smooth. Usually with other flat-irons I have tried; I always had to add hair gloss or serum to make my hair not look dry from the heat of the irons. This iron got hot very fast…on the packaging later I learned it’s actually a thirty second heat up so that works great for me on days when I am in a rush. The flat-iron has thirty heat settings, auto shutoff after sixty minutes and creates sleek hair styles. I was impressed! This will for sure be my new must-have! The flat-iron is Remington wide ceramic 1.5 flat iron. Try it out!




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