My review of the Tommee Tippee baby bottles 

   One of my favorite brand of bottles by far have been Tommee Tippee. I browsed online a few times and these were many bloggers or parents recommendations and must-have item. Luckily my mom had already purchased some of these bottles during my pregnancy…but I loved them so much, I purchased more when my baby was two months old. 

    The bottles come in great colors, which I love! The opening of the bottle is wide so that makes it easier when you’re pouring nursery water or formula. Some bottles have a smaller opening when you unscrew the lid and nipple; so when you pour formula or milk; spills or wasting of formula often occurs. The bottles are not “skinnier” in width or lid opening shape; which seems to help infants’ grip or their ability to hold onto the bottle and easier pour of formula and milk. 

    I think these bottles would be an excellent baby shower gift! My pediatrician even mentioned that Tommee Tippee bottles are her children’s favorite bottles! Another perk of these bottles is that they’re easy to clean. There’s not a lot of parts or pieces when cleaning or needing to prepare your bottle for a feeding. That’s super important for me as a busy mother or when I’m on the go. I have two sizes of the bottles; my favorite are the small five ounce bottles. They fit perfectly  in my handbags and diaper bags and the convenience it is to mix and match the lids with my two different sizes of these bottles is excellent. 

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  1. We love Tommee Tippee bottles! We bought the complete starter kit before the little man was born (with the steriliser and everything) and then bought some more in the Be Kind to Bees design 🙂


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