4 Ways to Use Shower Curtain Rings to Organize Your Closet

You cannot beat 12 shower curtain rings for a dollar, and they are so versatile! I will share other ways to use them around your house in later posts, but here are 4 simple ways to make your closet more organized.



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  1. B says:

    Some really great ideas here! Thanks for sharing. I’m excited to read more of the great tips you have here!


  2. kellynner says:

    I use the ones that look more like hooks to hang up stuff in my kitchen and garden. Currently I have them hanging up my dishtowels and baking mitts off of my oven and also hanging a couple things on my patio!


  3. danabuchmiller says:

    I love these tips on closet organization. I definitely think I’ll start using shower rings for my purses!

    Thanks so much for liking one of my posts!


  4. This is great . I really need to try it .


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