My Review on the MamaRoo


A few days ago my child’s father bought our baby the 4Moms MamaRoo. I have been wanting this for quite awhile and was so surprised to get it! I even woke up my baby from an afternoon nap he was taking when it arrived by mail so we could test out the features and try it out. It was a great surprise and gift since I had no luck finding a used one reasonably priced. The fact we recieved a new one as a surprise was even better!

I have heard mixed reviews of this baby product; but positive and negative but I am the type of person who wants to see for myself  just because one baby does not enjoy it; does not mean mine baby would not and I admit; I am totally addicted to baby gear and toys! To my surprise; the assembly of this product was fool-proof and easy! There was few pieces and no tools like screwdrivers or batteries were even needed; which is great on my behalf since I dread putting together products  I always leave that hassle to my child’s father or parent but I did it all by myself. #supermom

I love the features of this product; there’s quite a few compared to the regular  swings my baby has. First off; I can plus my phone right into the outlet on the Mamaroo; speakers are in front of it at the very bottom and you can control the volume and listen to any song or sound you choose; the cord was included which is handy! There’s several functions of motions such as car ride, ocean wave, tree swing, kangaroo and more!

The Mamaroo also plugs directly into an outlet so I love the fact I did not have to get batteries for it or will have to keep replacing batteries. My son seems to enjoy this product and I was probably more excited than him to get it! There’s a soft mobile with two patterns; one on each side ,one black and white and the other side is colorful in which I prefer.

Overall I am really enjoying this product and recommend it! I look forward to using it a ton from here on out to soothe my baby and give him something to enjoy while I make bottles or tend to my motherly duties.

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  1. Great review! Our Mamaroo was a lifesaver for my little one and her horrible reflux. So happy to hear you had a positive experience.


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