Happy Valentine’s Day


It’s Valentine’s Day; and I feel it can be quite overrated. Sure; I think your significant other should spoil you on this day but I think it’s most important that they spoil you often…not just on Valentine’s Day.
I wish everyone a happy Sunday and Valentine’s Day. It’s my baby’s first Valentine’s Day and that’s the best gift ever. He is getting so big; he loves to eat constantly and I’m proud of myself for keeping up breastfeeding even when it’s so exhausting and frustrating at times. He has taught me that I am so much tougher than a thought.

From pregnancy and being scared to death; from childbirth to little sleep…he makes it so worth it. I wouldn’t trade him for a billion bucks! He’s so handsome and amazing. I love when he smiles and makes little coos and babbles. Sometimes it’s hard to believe I am a mother. That is the best feeling ever. In many ways I feel powerful to be able to create such a wonderful baby. I am so blessed to have him to share holidays and each day with. I look forward to many amazing days with him. He truly makes each day so much better for me and gives me motivation for each moment! I am excited to watch him grow and learn. I am so lucky he is in my life. He is so special and perfect to me.


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