Ways to keep your children busy and happy during Winter break

    When I was a child; our winter break was always two weeks. Often I would get bored and sometimes parents struggle to keep up with their energetic children. Here are my ideas on some ways to keep your children entertained during their winter break: 

🎄If you will be using a babysitter while you work during your children’s winter break; try to find a fun babysitter who does not mind playing games or doing crafts for your child. 

🎄Start a new tradition like baking holiday theme cookies, volunteering together at a local shelter or going to watch a holiday program, orchestra,ballet or musical. 

🎄Find local businesses that have Santa visits or photos and get your children’s photos taken with Santa. If you do not celebrate Santa; consider taking winter-style photos. Many photographers offer holiday specials or mini sessions if you search good enough. 

🎄Rent or buy various Christmas movies and watch them together as a family. You can even have your children vote or draw names out of a hat of which ones to watch first.

🎄 Find great holiday crafts online that are kid-friendly. You will have fun bonding with your children; plus they can make great memories and keepsakes. 

🎄Often times during the colder months; zoos and museums offer discounted rates and activities like holiday lights to view or family days. Be sure to subscribe to their newsletters or social media pages to stay up to date. Some even offer day camps for children out of school. 

🎄Contact your local community center and libraries and find out if they offer activities for children during the winter break. Many do offer activities or they can direct you in the right direction of other community events approaching that you may not be aware of. 

🎄 Visit your local library or book store and get holiday themed books, music and DVDs to read and entertain your children with; even if it’s before bedtime. 

🎄 Take a trip to hobby shops or thrift shops and find holiday decor to decorate the home with. I also like having holiday scents in the home to make the holidays more fun. 

🎄 Build a snow man if you get snow; be sure to take photos. 

🎄 Adopt a family in need for the holidays. Many churches or shelters can help you find a family in need. 

🎄 Host a sleepover and have your children invite their friends and family members. You can even have each guest bring their favorite dessert or make it a pot-luck style,  secret Santa party or ugly holiday sweater party. 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    These are great ideas!! Thank you!


  2. getmakeupforfree says:

    Love the zoo idea especially! My local zoo is doing a holiday theme!


  3. Abby Boid says:

    Lovely ideas. Each day We make sure we get fresh air whatever the weather and a Christmas film by the fire


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