Review: Maci Bookout’s ‘Bulletproof’


  I was very excited to get Maci Bookout’s book; ‘Bulletproof.’ I read many reviews before purchasing the book and they were not too great on the website I read reviews on.They were not horrible; but at least I knew what to expect. Maci Bookout is from MTV’s hit shows, ’16 & pregnant’ as well as ‘Teen Mom’ and ‘Teen Mom OG.’ I often buy many celebrity books jut to get to know them more as a writer and person; some are great and some are just not my cup of tea sadly. I have always been a huge fan of the series Maci is on; so I was thrilled to get the book I ordered in the mail written by her. Maci is not my favorite on the shows; I disagree with a lot of things she says but I have always admired how mature she is and how well she handles situations that would totally crush and break many people. There is no doubt she is smart and strong.

The reviews I read mentioned the book may be a tad just like we see her on the shows she is in; nothing new or interesting is mentioned in the book. I agree; everything in the book was really all her viewers or fans would know from the shows she is in. There was really zero new things I learned about Maci or her life. I was curious about learning some new juicy details of her past relationships or social life; but the shows she is in really have the same information that her book describes so I was not impressed. I did enjoy reading the book on an airplane ride and while I was not feeling too well in bed; being pregnant.

Overall I think Maci is a good person and wonderful mother. I think it is great she has always presented herself as a hands-on mother and has always focused on school. She seems very down-to-earth and her son is hilarious and smart when I see him on television. I think it is great she likes to write; I am sure it is a very healthy outlet for her. A few days ago I listed the book I bought on ebay for sale and someone has already purchased it!


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