Meal Planning 101

Twisty paths

meal planningMy key to success in this whole thing can be summarized in two words. Meal planning. Meal planning is a great thing to implement even if you aren’t doing a paleo style diet. Meal planning can save you a buck or two, keep you from wasting food, and just overall help your sanity.

I typically do my meal plan from Sunday-Saturday every week on Friday’s. I use a printed out weekly calendar, my Passion Planner, or a template from online. Each person is unique so you will have to find what works for you. Here is a good place to start. I do my grocery shopping on Saturday’s typically and then use Sunday as a day to cook.

The first step to my meal plan is to write down any activities I have going on in the evenings, this will dictate what type of meal I need to plan for…

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