Five Tips to Meal Plan More Effectively

The Farm on the Hill

IMG_1797 Sitting down with a cup of coffee to make out the grocery list.

As Dave Ramsey fans (I’m secretly hoping if I mention his name enough, he’ll see my blog and ask me to write for him. LOL!)  we follow a budget every month and we use the envelope system.  Last week we were working on our budget, since this coming Friday will be my last paycheck and then we become a single income household, and this got me thinking about all the things I’ve started doing since we embarked on our debt free journey.  The one thing that helps the most in our daily lives is meal planning.

Meal planning allows me to make the most of my grocery budget and still make sure we eat.  It also makes me less likely to say, “Let’s just order pizza.”  So today, I want to talk to you about what meal planning isn’t and…

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