Packing a Hospital Bag

Have your bags packed by 35 weeks & keep it in the car. One bag for you and one bag for baby. You may also want to ask the hospital ahead of time what they have for mothers & their babies in case you can take some things off of your checklist.

Birth Plan – Insurance Information – Hospital forms

Non-skid Socks (For walking & pairs that you don’t mind being ruined)

A warm robe or sweater

Maternity Bras (2 I suggest) with no underwire and nursing pads

Lip balm


Toiletries and Personal items (hairbrush, toothbrush, makeup, etc.)

Headbands & Pony-tail holders (Clips may be uncomfortable)

Pen and Paper

Cell phone & charger


Sugar-free hard candy

Vending machine change & non-perishable snacks

Change of clothes & toiletries for your partner

Bath towel

ipod or mp3 player

Extra pillow

Comfortable going home clothes & flat shoes

Slippers – Night gown – maternity underwear (All that you don’t mind getting ruined)

Breast pump

Light reading materials (magazine, newspaper, etc.)

Soap, Shampoo & heavy flow sanitary pads

Baby’s coming-home outfit


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mariposaoro says:

    Yay! Just five weeks!! Feeling excited? Or just panicking?


  2. With a Hint of Gold says:

    Thanks for this! I’m due in November and just started thinking about what to pack. This post makes it easier 🙂


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