I’ve been watching Marriage Boot Camp. Here are my thoughts!


I have never watched Marriage Boot Camp in the past; but when I heard Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett would be in the new cast; I had to watch!

    First off; I love Kendra! She’s has always been one of my favorite celebrities to follow and I love her personality. It is insane of me that Hank; her husband and father of her two young children, is still not coming clean. Hank was accused of hooking up with a transsexual model awhile ago. The media, fans and public has heard the transsexual that Hank may have hooked up with on audio recordings thanking her for “not saying anything,” and even at times mentioning his children. 

     I feel Hank did cheat on Kendra and it’s sickening the way he has so many excuses and let’s Kendra be in so much pain. I’m shocked Kendra would put up with that. It’s torture watching it; at least for me it is. I really thought Hank respected Kendra much more than that! In their past reality shows; he seemed he would be honest and confident. 

    I learned a few days ago Tami Roman from this season of Marriage Boot Camp is also now 6 weeks pregnant! Congrats, Tami! Tami is actually 45 years old; but these days women are still having healthy babies and pregnancies over 40! Gwen Stefani, Alyssa Milano, Halle Berry…the list could go on. Tami and her boyfriend discuss baby issues often on this season. Tami is already a mother of two and her boyfriend Reggie; really wants a baby! 

     As far as the other cast members; there’s Mike,’The Situation,’ from MTV’s Jersey Shore, Aubrey O’Day and a few other familiar faces from hit reality shows. I’ll admit; I’ve only been interested in Kendra and Tami. In the last episide; Kendra and Tami get in a very heated argument. I will be watching this Friday! Stay tuned with me! 



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