Ways to earn money from home without selling products!

Searching for the perfect work at home opportunity can be challenging; there are many scams out there and a lot of companies in which you have to sell products or do home parties to earn income or commission. I have put together a list of creative ways you can make money from home without going into direct sales or risking pricey start up costs. Enjoy!

  • If you love cleaning; consider starting a house keeping or maid service! You can market to hotels, realtors, apartment complexes and online!
  • Do you have a passion for teaching or children? If so; you may be a perfect tutor! Many companies are even hiring online tutors!
  • Are you a great cook? Why not start your own catering business! No need for it to be huge with a building; many people cook from their homes and take orders and deliver. This would be great for companies that do not offer vending machines or cafeterias.
  • Babysitting or opening your own home daycare can be very profitable if you have a safe home and enjoy children. Be sure to check with your state law’s on operating a child care facility or home daycare in your home.
  • Did you excel at sports in college or high school? You may enjoy being a coach! Contact local community centers and schools; many are always looking for coaches.
  • Are you organized and enjoy helping others? You would probably enjoy being an assistant or event planner!

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