Bruce Jenner Interview

In an interview some people called,”the interview of the year,” Bruce Jenner; former Olympian sat down with Diane Sawyer to open up about his lifelong secret. 

    I admit; I’ve been waiting impatiently for this interview as soon as I heard of it. I just figured it was another tabloid rumor that went too far and the Jenner and Kardashian family did not bother to correct because let’s face it; they’re busy and rumors had people everyone talking. With the latest season of their hit reality show recently premiering and that business savvy ex-wife of Bruce’s; I wouldn’t have been surprised if I heard it wasn’t true but Bruce was too confident or laid-back to reply to such nonsense and it probably could’ve brought more ratings for the television show. Deep down I even was upset because as a huge fan of the family and show; I thought it was pathetic if their haters were correct and they were pulling some publicity stunt. They’re surely famous enough; right? “Besides,” I thought, “everyone lies on this family and pretends to know them and if it were true; they would’ve confirmed it.” 

     The entire week before the interview aired; media outlet, social media and people all over talked about Bruce. The morning of the interview my favorite daytime talk show host even could not maintain her excitement about the interview. Sh seemed even more excited that she could discuss it with her viewers the next time her show aired live. The interview seemed honest and quite sad. 

     I think it’s wonderful Bruce had some supportive family members and most seemed to be very proud of him that he surrounds himself with I noticed. The Kardashians seemed to be loving and helpful to Bruce. Media outlets are also speculating that interview will be the final time we see Bruce as a man. I’ll be staying tuned!


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