Why I Didn’t Kick My Keurig To The Curb (and other gizmo appliance stories)

Becoming A Contented Gramma


We just hauled another load to Goodwill in this seemingly endless quest to minimize our stuff and maximize our peace.  I also dumped the George Foreman grill.  And a coffee maker. Not my Keurig though. My Keurig will stay. Why? Because it fits our keep it criteria.  We need it. We love it. It makes us happy.  We can each have our favorite flavors of coffee, decaf or regular, at any time of the day with just the press of one button.  Easy peasy and yummy delicious!  I keep it clean, and regularly ‘vinegarize’ it, so there are no worries of molds or toxins.  And I am very glad I located some environmentally friendly pods.

I also kept my crockpot.  Talk about needing it, loving it and making mama happy!  I could wax eloquent for hours on the joys of crockpot cooking, but I won’t.

I also kept my family…

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