Amber Rose Wants Wiz Khalifa Back: “I’m Sick Of Putting On A Front Like I’m Happy Without Him. I’m Not” [POLL]

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

She wants that old thing back! Amber Rose loves social media, so it’s not really a surprise that she airs most, if not all of her dirty laundry there. The self-proclaimed “Bald-Headed Scallywag” just put up the above photo of herself with her estranged husband and baby’s father, Wiz Khalifa during happier times with a very long message that in so many words proved that she wants him back.

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The last time this adorable couple made headlines together, it was because of their son, Sebastian’s second birthday party, to which Wiz complained on Twitter that he wasn’t invited. He waxed poetic over a series of tweetsabout never having cheated on Amber, how he never voiced his unhappiness because of fear that Amber would make him even more unhappy. Sounds like typical relationship drama–a lot of he said, she said.

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  1. SilkandSouffles says:

    That woman needs to learn that her drama doesn’t need to constantly be on Twitter. Sebastian is adorable though. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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