***Flawless? Always.

The Millennial Beat

So this week some un-retouched photos of Queen Bey leaked online, and people are loosing their MINDS over it.


I mean, really, is it so strange to think that even Beyonce has flaws? Apparently, yes. People took to twitter, the only real option, to defend their queen. Some argued that the photos were fakes, doctored to make Beyonce look worse than she really does. Others seemed to quickly lose their love for the pop star. As if she can’t be talented and “ugly” at the same time.

The real problem is that these photos aren’t that bad. With incredibly harsh lighting and really thick makeup (hello, it’s a makeup ad, of course she’ll be wearing too much) anyone would look pretty awful. Does she look as good as we think she usually does? No. Does she look like a real, and still beautiful human being? Yes.

One of the issues…

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