Why I choose to work from home

Working from home has fun, exciting and rewarding for me. I have made a lot of friends, eliminated stress, succeeded in many things and achieved things I never knew I could. Sure; I get people who feel working from home is not a job because they do not understand it. And I do not care. I am fortunate to set your my own hours, be my own boss and my family will always be able to come first. Not a career. My children will never have to go to daycare and I never use an alarm clock. I wanted to write this post to give people an insight on why I chose this unique path in life.

I grew up always loving to work. I hated school but I was always the girl who worked two or three jobs. I had jobs in daycares, restaurants, clubs, salons, bars….you name it…I tired it. I loved earning my own income and feeling productive. When I was 17 I got a taste of what it was like to really be my own boss and I loved it. Since then; I have never looked back. My main passion is modeling and acting; but I know those opportunities do not always last forever and I would get bored on off days. I researched tons of home businesses that I could do alongside my hobbies, modeling and my wild life of nonstop partying at the time.

Over time I learned I just loved business. I have since then created numerous businesses with little expenses. Many people choose to work outside the home; but working from home allows me to have complete control over my life. I could not have it any other way. I  to ask for time off for sick days or vacations. I get paid based on my efforts; and I do not have to wait for a paycheck.


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