Amber Rose Announces Walk For Women’s Equality

I like the fact Amber stands up for women. Sure; she never claims to being an angel or innocent but if men can not be judged for the same things…why should she? #amberrose

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Amber Rose Source: Taylor Hill / Getty
Amber Rose is gearing up to post a stop to the attempts by people for embracing her sexuality, and not living up to their idea of what a mother should be. The model/actress announced on Twitter she will hold a ?Slut Walk? later this summer to celebrate women?s equality and end ?slut shaming.? The first Slut Walk was held on April  3, 2011, after Toronto Police Constable Michael Sanguinetti told women at York University?s crime prevention event the effective way to deter sexual assault was to ?avoid dressing like sluts.? Sanguinetti was later reprimanded for his vile remarks but it lead to organized protest around the world to take back the term.

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Amber went under attack from many over her sexy posts on Instagram, and was dissed by her estranged husband Wiz Khalifa on Juicy…

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